The Advanced Car Eye 2.0

The Advanced Car Eye 2.0

The Original BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is a highly quality full HD wide-angle camera that allows critical driving situations to be recorded as well as detailed videos taken from the car's perspective. The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 is used both whilst you are driving to document trip data and also for up to 24 hours in parking mode to record video evidence of damage or theft. Light sensitive sensors ensure excellent recording quality both during the day and at night.

The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 uses a proximity sensor (radar technology) and a vibration sensor (G sensor) for the early detection of possible accidents and theft outside the car. The smart system evaluates ambient movements so that it distinguishes everyday movements from unusual ones and only starts video recording if an action has been classed as relevant.

Keep a close eye on critical situations: The full-HD wide-angle camera automatically records critical driving situations that may be relevant for evidence purposes. The detailed video is also saved automatically, enabling the BMW Advanced Car Eye to act as a reliable eyewitness.

Key Features:

Parking mode: A video is automatically recorded when the car has been parked and vibrations or relevant movements or impacts are detected in the video image. An LED light indicates that recording is taking place. This means that the car is being monitored even when the driver isn't around.

Various sensors on the light-sensitive camera, as well as excellent signal processing mean that the camera is capable of recording superb images during the day and at night.

The highly sensitive GPS receiver enables precise recording of the road and speed.

The G sensor reliably detects impacts. Ambient movements are detected and analysed by radar technology.

Attractive design: The Advanced Car Eye 2.0 features matching BMW design and therefore looks perfectly at home in the car.

The facts at a glance: The recorded videos are saved to a special SD card (32 GB) in various folders making searching for events very simple.

A free SD card is supplied.

Easy to use: The keys to control the camera manually (camera on/off, manual photo/video recording, microphone on/off) are perfectly positioned. All the other settings can be controlled using the app. LED lights also ensure easy operation.

Easy to attach: The camera is simply affixed to the windscreen using double-sided adhesive tape. The firmly secured front camera can be removed from the camera mount very easily using a slide control without having to release the adhesive.

Fitted price for BMW Advanced Car Eye 2.0 RRP inc VAT ranging between £550 - £600 (model dependent). 

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